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December 2014 Dog Bytes

In This Issue

A Note from the Editor

Hello Everyone,

So, here we are at the end of 2014. The WVESSA Christmas party at the English’s was a very nice event with lots of good food and great conversation.  Huge thanks to Ken and Cathy for  inviting the club to their home.

Please remember to send your brags to us with the wording as you would like it to appear.

The 2015 meeting schedule appears below. It is subject to change, but will give you a basic idea of future meetings.

We would love to publish more member articles. If you have a specific springer you would like to write about, your own kennel of dogs, or interesting show experiences,  please us know and we would be glad to publish it for you.

We keep a list (yes, a list) of odd things that happen to us at shows. If anyone has some interesting experiences that are printable, please send them to us and we’ll begin compiling a group list to publish.

Another list of items we might work towards, is funny things our springers do. Just send them to us and we’ll start keeping a list. When we get enough, we’ll publish them. These can be past or present.

Happy Holidays to each of you and a very wonderful 2015!

Dave and Janee’ Kemp, Editors

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Mercola puts out a nice newsletter with worthwhile information for dog owners.  They also have articles about other animals as well. You can sign-up for their newsletter and it will drop into your mailbox when they have a new issue. Due to copyright I didn’t want to place an actual article here, but you can check it out below.



Also here is a link to a very good article about socialization and why we might not expect all dogs to want to greet all other dogs.

The gal states that it is a controversial subject but I think this explains it nicely.



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Future Meetings

This is the meeting schedule for 2015.

January 24- Pet Grooming at the English’s

February 21-At the Albany Show

March 14-Place to be announced

April 18-At the Agility trial

May 16-Possible Blood Draw

June 20- At the Canby show

July 17- Our Specialty

August 22- Possible Beach Meeting

September- Left open for now

October 17- Halloween Meeting

November 21- to be announced

December 12- Annual Christmas Party


  • Sopheral’s Bertram E Wooster (Bertie) passed his Canine Good Citizen test on November 23, 2014.
    I am proud of my long tailed springer boy. Bertie is owned by Chris Alver.
  • Zenith (Vanity Fair’s High Crimes, CGC, BN, CD)  finished her CD in three shows.  Veep (Vanity Fair’s Malfeasence, CGC, CGCA, BN, CD) completed his CD, his Advanced CGC and qualified as a Pet Partners Therapy Dog. These springers are owned by Larry and Betty Schwartz.
  • GCH Mar-Ric’s Sir Jackson Stonewall recently earned his Canadian Championship and can add A/C to the front of his name.  Jackson is owned by Gary and Barbara Stonewall.
  • Teddy finished his championship at the Greater Clark county shows and is now “CH Oxbow’s Cowboy Crush”.  Ted is owned by Dave and Janee’ Kemp

Show Results

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